Festival of high art Bouquet Kiev Stage

This year, the First International Festival Bouquet Kiev Stage has exquisitely finished the festival summer in Kyiv. During 11 days, the Kyivites immersed themselves in the beauty of historical places located in the heart of the capital (the main events took place in the courtyard of Sophia Kyivska and Golden Gates) and the versatility of high art, its virtuosic creators and performers. The festival was held from 16th to 26th August 2018 in a multi-genre format: Bouquet Kiev Stage has combined symphonic and chamber classics with jazz, experimental and electronic music, as well as theatre and visual art in a generous gift bouquet.
Why the Bouquet? The symbol, which was created and presented to the festival by artist Oleksandr Dubovyk, is a bouquet – a sign of gift, harmony, and beauty. The philosophy of this symbol has formed the festival’s basis, which the DIM MK founders Yevhen Utkin and Iryna Budanska decided to present to their beloved Kyiv and Ukraine.
“People want to see beauty and joy amidst gloom and problems. During the festival, we gathered this beauty and joy in a blooming fragrant bouquet and gave it to the spectators and the city,” summed up Yevhen Utkin.
Deputy general director for cultural and educational activities of the National Sophia Kyivska Reserve, Kira Petrachek believes that the Bouquet Kiev Stage Festival has been perfectly organized, “We have witnessed incredible performers, a powerful programme, and great music. I think that the festival has been organically blended in the cultural space of the Golden Gates and Sophia Kyivska, has complemented their beauty and grandeur, as well as has become a real decoration of the city. We hope for further cooperation with Bouquet Kiev Stage”.
All the festival events were filmed with the help of modern technologies – unmanned aerial vehicles of Yevheniia Zabarylo’s team from the NGO Cultural Platform of Transcarpathia engaged in communication and content design for multidisciplinary projects. The film’s authors have shown the festival sign’s symbolism by combining the knowledge and intuition with the music of Kyiv avant-gardists. The story of the Bouquet will also be highlighted in the film about the festival, whose premiere is scheduled to take place at the end of the year.
The first Bouquet of the festival data:
The festival has been visited by 6,500 guests. Every day the Golden Gates Stage gave joy to 150-200 spectators and the Sophia Stage hosted 500-700 guests. The largest concert that took place on the Golden Gates Stage has been visited by 223 guests, and that one on the Sophia Stage has been watched by 812 visitors.
During the festival, three world premieres of new works have been sounded and 12 dialogues with leaders of opinions “under the ash tree” have been held. 4 stages of the festival have hosted 7 world headliners and 3 orchestras with 134 musicians. In general, the performers have played more than 100 works by both world and Ukrainian authors.
20 participants in vocal and conducting workshops from 12 participating countries have taken part in the festival. The concert-report of the workshop participants has been attended by 350 military diplomatic officials from different countries.
Moreover, it is important to note that the transparent stage of Sophia Kyivska is unique due to its hemisphere of 14 meters in diameter. The ideological integration of the festival’s symbol with the courtyard of the museum complex has been embodied with the help of technology: 13 screens and 12 mirror symbols of the festival.

About 100 devices of architectural illumination and 12 stroboscopes were mounted in the crowns of trees but not under them as it is usually done. 40 devices of architectural lighting were used to illuminate the Golden Gates Hall.

50 people have been involved in organizing the festival. The festival has got 30 partners.
During the festival, 50 special bouquets have been made and thankfully presented to our distinguished guests.
Information about the festival, its programme, and performers has been learned by 590,562 people only through social networks.
The Bouquet Kiev Stage video teaser about Kyiv has been watched by 55,000 people. During its filming, 4 pianists woke up at 4.00 a.m. to play the music of composer Valentyn Sylvestrov and witness his love to Kyiv.
Bouquet Kiev Stage is an international festival of high art, founded in Kyiv in the summer of 2018 by DIM Master Klass and U Artist Music. The festival’s symbol is a Bouquet – the modern megasymbol created by the Kyiv artist and thinker Oleksandr Dubovyk. The festival emphasizes the Ukrainian cultural content as a part of world culture and unites art, education, and the latest technologies into a single cultural phenomenon of the present.

The history of DIM Master Klass began 24 years ago with the jazz projects that took place in different locations in cooperation with Oleksii Kogan. Then such projects as the festival “Jazz in Kiev”, GogolFest, and “The Father and the Son” in memory of Arseny and Andrey Tarkovsky, projects of Eduard Artemiev, Andrii Zholdak, Valentyn Sylvestrov, and many other outstanding contemporaries were founded in collaboration with Tetiana Kalinichenko and the New Era Orchestra.
DIM MK has hosted different festivals every week for more than 10 years. The first classical music festival was held in 2013 with the cooperation of U Artist Music. It was a combination of master classes, conducting art, and concerts with the participation of young conductors from Austria, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Canada, the USA, Ukraine, Finland, Switzerland, and South Korea.